Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hi Bloggie, its September 2013 - 8 months of an awesome year have passed, and i am left with less than 4 months of this wholesome year.

As many of my friends commented how 2013 seems to be a great year for me, I am just keeping it simple and attributes to luck is seasonal and this year is a good season.

2013 is the year that i made more new friends and discovering more about slightly older friends. Just over the weekend, in an attempt to keep in touch with my new 2013 friends, i made a trip to KL to meet up with Teoh [KL]and Jiyoung (Jocelyn) [Seoul].

The funny thing is, when I was in Seoul, where I first met Jiyoung unnie, I thot she look like Hie Tien (shall henceforth be known as HT). Mannerism and reactions are so alike, I know this 2 ladies should meet. So I got HT to tag along.

So the whole trip is to be summarised: CRAZY FUN!

Instax for instant Photo

Facebook Album - Crazy Fun 2D1N KL Trip

The fun part is easy to define. It was every part of funny that I expected and so much more. The 2 long lost sisters seem to be in sync with their funny bones and were constantly in stitches with laughing. Teoh and I were perplexed with their funny trigger points. Alone time with HT is also hilarious! I have now seen her in a new light. She have her own unique brand of humor which is really gold (but in a twisted way). I kept getting surprised by her and her imaginative brain.

And there is crazy part! I have never took an 8 Hour bus ride just to get to KL. And then the rain. and then our misadventure of almost missing our flight and the subsequent flight delay.

I am thankful for the small things in life that motivates me for the bigger things.


Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hi Bloggie... haven't been writing in a long time. Well, not that dedicated after twitter, facebook and instagram came along. still, it had been nearly 10 years since blogging started and i do visit time to time, drop a post or two, but mainly, to read about any teenage misdemeanor I might used to have or cherished memories that needs no ignitation.

anyway, recently since i last blogged, i had quite an adventure. June 2013, was by far the most "happening month" i have experienced thus far.

along the way, i got a new shiny camera, friends from different parts of the world and experience a country that i never thot i would have. it had been near to 2 months now since the wondrous experience and i missed it so much. I am thankful for all the facebook and instagram that we have to keep us in touch; for my friends of a 4 days 3 night event is hopefully friends i get to keep in touch for the rest of my life.

but no one can keep friends for life if the other party is not willing? it says it takes two hands to clap. most of the time, people detest from being the first hand to reach out. simply for the sake of being afraid the same is not reciprocate. however, i always feel being the 2nd one to respond is the one in a more stressful situation.

while being the first hand to reach out requires courage, the 2nd hand responding entails responsibility. For any non-motion, the first hand can "presume" the 2nd hand is not interested. Any half hearted motion by the 2nd hand, more often than not, leads to the same conclusion of the former. especially, if there is repeated demand of action from the first hand, and the lack of response of the 2nd, tends to lead to deterioration of a friendship. but it is also said, true friends require no words, no action, just faith. so what encompass being a true friend?

anyway, just some sudden thots provoking moments i get from watching drama! My latest drama fix was centered against Sherlock Holmes and his strange but wonderful friendship with Dr. Watson. Be it the Sherlock from UK (BBC) or Elementary from US (loosely adapted), it is not just the deduction that kept me glued, but also the friendship that sparks between the 2 main character and definitely the unwavering support and understanding between them. Which in reality, is something that we all crave.

So, are you gonna be the first hand or the 2nd?


PS: what happens when both hands stop clapping?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Murphy's Law

Hi Bloggie,

Today feels like the day where things will go wrong on its own.
Had an ultra long weekend since last Thu. I took part in a brain research, out of curiosity and I got to see my own brain scans. Also visited Sandy @ SGH. The poor gal suffered gallstones but her latest update is she's on the road of recovery!  It was good to catch up with her, but I hope our next catchup is over coffee. Then it was dinner @ Chilis with Reagan.  He's back for a short while before heading back to Brazil for the next 6 months.  It was good to see him and hear his interesting stories. 

My Brain!
Brunch on Vesak Day @ Canopy - Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park.  Eggs Royal for me!  The hollandaise sauce goes so well with the poached eggs.... And smoked Salmon. I love poached eggs cause I think it is harder to get it right then scrambled or sunny sides up. 
Eggs Royale @ Canopy
Then next 2 days of the weekend was mindlessly playing with my sims, watching my drama and even a day og  mahjong with my mom's kakis. 

*Poof* it's dreary Monday where things feel like going south.  Being the only accounts person meant emails are not responded and angry creditors waiting for money.  It was a hectic morning clearing emails. checking receipts and dealing with internal people. And the day feels like a constant downhill. I hope I can get thru the day,  safe and sound. 


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blogger app on android

Hi Bloggie! 
Today I am blogging from my Samsung S3.  FINALLY an android app - official from Google is available. 
Years ago,  when I got my first Android phone,  HTC Desire,  I always wanted to be able to blog on the move  the app then wasn't that brilliant.  Today using the official app,  which is working fine thus far,  is something worth a small Woohoo!
More trials need to be tested to be sure that this as gets to stay and blogging to be resumed more regularly. 
Till the next,  enjoy my boredom creation =)  (photo of standing coins)

Standing Coins
PS: The photos was resized manually via a PC. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

KL/Genting, Itunes Store

Hi Bloggie, recently came back from KL/ Genting, with my mother and her old academy friends. Yes, I went on an "Aunties" Trip! lol. It was quite fun in a way, seeing my mum interact with her friends, who are aunties that watched me grow up and mothers of my childhood friends.

It was shopping, walking, eating and gambling! Although I don't have much luck this year and lose my mum winnings. =(

Discovered a new place while in KL - Crab Island!

Crab Among the Prawn
So we set off to Pulau Ketam - Crab Island. It involve a 1 hour train ride and 30 min ferry ride. After discovering the place, we realise it is nearer to Klang then KL. Upon reaching Pulau Ketam, we were greeted by dried prawns along the jetty side. From afar, it looks like red sands covering the pier. I was reminded of Kukup, looking at the homestay and houses on stilts.

Of course, crabs are a must have at Pulau Ketam. The seafood sold at one of the numerous seafood places are very fresh and economical. Just 180 RM for the 8 of us and there were 8 dishes, including prawns, crabs, fish. Yum!

The Colourful Aunties
A short exploration walk and we head back to the busy city. The Aunties were deck out in very vivid color as above! LOL.

Itunes Store
2 days ago, Apple Inc. announced 12 more countries are able to shop at their iTunes store for music and movies. Singapore was one of them. FINALLY! The ease of getting legal music is so much easier now. Was exploring the store and found a dedicated category for Kpop...
2 years ago, i foray into Korean music, thanks to the Goguma Couple, introduced by Ting. Never looked back since. My weekly shows include the ever popular Running Man and Invincible Youth, and not to mention any shows that the 9 girls are in.